Day Songs (Vol. 1)


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This EP is interesting because all of its tracks were written, arranged, and recorded within 24 hours. Though many of my songs happen this way, these tracks never got absorbed by any other album or EP. So, they are Day Songs. They never fit anywhere else, so here they are, in their full ill-conceived glory.


released February 23, 2015

Everything you hear by Tom Donohue, depression, and alcohol. EDIT: alcohol only mixed and mastered and wrote the liner notes. Also, depression had help from bitterness and resentment.



all rights reserved


THICK PLASTIC Winslow, New Jersey

Music made by a guy named Tom Donohue and some of his friends some of the time. THICK PLASTIC started in 2007 as Tom by himself, then was a band for a bit, then a bigger band, and is now Tom by himself again. But, who knows what the future holds.

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Track Name: I Have No Friends
I used to be so cool
I could afford to be disinterested
And I used to be aloof
but now I just don't know

folks invite me to their parties
I will struggle
make up some excuse
and though my phonebooks
filled with numbers
there's just no use

I have no friends
I have no friends
I'm embarrassed to admit it
but there's no one to admit it to
I have no friends

And now I hardly talk
I really don't have much to say
I could tell you of my thoughts
But you'd just get bored

and though my picture
sits atop the dictionary
entry for recluse
and though my phonebook's
filled with numbers there's no use

But maybe maybe
it won't be so bad alone
but maybe maybe
if i had them before
i could have them again

So now when I'm at work
I always try to talk to strangers
Because you never know
who could be your friend

Im embarrassed to admit it
but there's no one to admit it to
I want new friends
Track Name: Problems
Those problems that you have
will be waiting
patiently for thing song
to be over
it will not stop them

in fact
they will get a bit worse
if you keep listening to this
instead of finding
ways to resolve them

but if let's keep on dancing
cause if we keep dancing
then you will be dancing
when the world ends

and future archeologists
will think you're really dumb

who are they to judge us
the main won't even be born
till tuesday
we could go stomp him


You will be dancing
your problems advancing
but you keep on dancing
the Kinks play come dancing
but i won't be dancing
cause i don't go dancing
with your kind
oh no
Track Name: Nonversations
Did you hear
Nick just got a new Guitar
he saved and bought himself a Jaguar
except he didn't
cause I just made him up
cause I'm going fucking mad

I often wondered
and now I know
what it's like
live alone

Every morning
when Laurel gets the train
she stands and stares right her phone
but there'r no messages
for her to peruse
infant it's just a bar of soap

She can't afford to
look like chump
cause the pay in my head sucks

Your Nonservations
are quite droll
but this Nonversation
is quite dull

Confide in felines
fore, what they're told
they will never tell a soul